April 24, 2009


It is now one of my pet peeves now. It has been one of T's pet peeves for quite some time.
Where people leave out the "r" in library and February when they pronounce it. I am sitting in a classroom (plan time) with nothing better to do than surf the web and read, and an announcement was made over the intercom to the whole school (population about 800 or so). "Mr. ..... please come to the LIBARY." This is in a school where many of the students English is probably not spoken at home. I know that it was a secretary but still she is part of the education of the students. I was very very disappointed today that they said the Pledge of Allegiance to flag of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in Spanish.
If we were to speak Spanish, the Armada would have not been defeated in 1588!

I know that I should keep my comments edifying but I am tired of my nation being diluted by political correctness.


Linda said...

Not only our country, but our churches are being diluted too, because of the watering down of the WORD, and the laxness of the morals we expect in our kids, and church members.

I hope you were able to use the LIBRARY word as a teaching moment to your students.

Tesa said...

The boys were working on some copywork just yesterday... with the word FEBRUARY. We talked about the sneaky R. Rest assured, they know how to say it and write it.

Gloria said...

I totally agree with you there Phil, it is so totally annoying and also one of my pet peeves.

Wondered who you were when you commented on an award I made to your mother! Glad to know who you are now funny man!