April 21, 2009

I found this guy staring at me this morning.

I took out the trash this morning. Observing the other side of the road I realized that the wind had blown in refuse from down the block. I decided to go and retreive it. I picked it up. Then I picked up some more refuse, then I stooped over to pick up one more piece of "refuse" and realized that George was someone else's refuse but not mine.
I put it in my pocket and went home.
Wben I opened the door the phone started ringing. I did not have a job for this morning, planning on just working this afternoon. But God does provide and He had a job waiting for me at a private school where I have not subbed before. I took the position and enjoyed my time there. This also worked out for the school because they offered me Wednesdays and Fridays till the end of the year to fill in for a part time teacher. I only have to get three more days filled per week until the end of school.
God provides even in the little ways.
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Linda said...

Good for you! I hardly ever find any cash staring at me, but your aunt L finds those little coppery round things with that other guy's profile on it! She always picks it up. I would too, if I could find one. Sigh!

Have a good day!

My word today was regoozoo...don't have a zoo today!

Tesa said...

Thanks for picking up the trash on the other side of the street. Now I don't have to look at it all day.
I appreciate your hard work for our family, and I am thankful for the jobs the Lord has provided.

Let's save those "George W"s that we find and go get a cup of coffee together :) (I guess it may take a few weeks... months... years...) but I will wait!

Andrew said...

Thats good to find G. Washingtons!I usually find A. Lincoln coppers.Have you compared George Washingtons $1 bill pic to Bernie Madoff? In some of the B. Madoff pics there is a striking resemblence to G. Washington.