August 27, 2008


Doors close and doors open.

I have had a difficult time trying to find a job that fits my talents and things that I like to do. After considering the lack of call-backs from applications, the no's that I have had from interviews, the promises of people that have turned into nothing but lies. Closed doors.
I am going back to school.

I thought that I was a day late and a dollar short.


All of the doors for getting back into school to go back into teaching have been open so far.

I called Peru State College and did some internet research and found out that I can get all of the classes that I need to update my teaching certificate online. I only need six credit hours to reinstate my teaching certificate and this will also start me out on my path towards my Masters in Education degree. Classes did start on the 25th and today is the 27th so really I am two days late. As for the dollar short, that I am not. Well except for not having a daytime job. My part-time job is paying for my education. They pay $1500.00 a semester up to a $15,000.00 cap for tuition. Plus some for books, and fees.
While I am in the process of reinstating my teaching certificate the state is issuing me a substitute teaching certificate (for a nomimal fee). So this week I am going to get on the lists of the school districts around the area to substitute teach, most of them pay between $120 and $150 a day.
This year has been a very bumpy.


Linda Goossen said...

Wow!!! Go for it! You are very smart, and an 'Amazing Man', so you should be very successful in this endeavor.

We are behind you all the way!

It's about time you blogged again, too!

Love you,
Mom & Dad

Carole said...

Maybe this is what you have been meant to do all along - teach. You had it right in the beginning, then drifted, so God had to start slamming doors for you to get back on track...

I agree, it's about time you blogged again!

I can't wait to see you & kiss your kiddles this weekend!!!!