September 17, 2007

The Pen is mighter than the Mouse.

The children really like to "Work" on dad's computer. Sometimes it can be funny, sometimes I wish that they would go outside and play. Friday it was funny. I was working on the computer in the afternoon and Noah wanted to work on it too. He asked, "Dad does this mouse work?" I told him that it didn't. Then he wanted to use the mouse that I was using but I told him no. Well I have a pen tablet so that I can work on graphics stuff faster working more like a pen than just a mouse (more natural). Well he asked for another mouse that I have (I have 2 that work on this computer) I told him that it was back on the desk somewhere, because I do not use it very often. He then took the pen and said "HEY! THIS WORKS!" and he took control of the computer with the pen.

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