July 18, 2007

Dewey Decimal, Standing, Training Wheels

What do these three have in common?

I was absolutely amazed at the Dewey Decimal system a couple of days ago, not because I didn't know how it worked but the simplicity of using it with four young ones in tow. I looked up my books on the Internet before we went to the library. Then we headed off. When it sometimes takes fifteen minutes to get loaded into the van, time can get away from a person. We got to the library and let the kids look around in the children's books for a little while, then we took them upstairs to get dad's books. It took longer to get loaded into the van than it did to get five books from two different floors.

Dahlia is now practicing on standing up in the middle of the floor. She is doing a very good job and is standing for about ten seconds on her own. I hope that we can get a video of her doing this in the next couple of days.

Noah is determined to have his training wheels removed this morning! I think that I have heard "Dad lets go out and take off my training wheels!" about 173 1/2 times this morning. There have been tears from his older brother that says that Noah will be scared to ride without them but Noah insists that he will do fine. Josiah still uses his.

So what do all of these have in common?



Phil said...

Just for yor information; I took off the training wheels at about 8:47::12 and at 8:47::17 Noah needed no more help from dad.

Tesa said...

Isn't it great what we can learn from our own children...
We expect them to learn from us (and they do!) but we can learn just as much from them. So, Phil, how is your FOCUS??
Love You!

Carole said...
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Carole said...

You probably better hurry with that vid of D... she's gonna be up & running before you know it & you'll miss it. You know when kids want something, they can be incredibly FOCUSED.

... & has J shown any motivation to take off HIS training wheels, since N can ride without them?

Love you -C

Linda Goossen said...

I was going to sat the same thing as Carole did! Hurry up and get a video. Get one of Noah too! Hang in there, Josiah will get the notion soon! Pa-pa said Josiah got the hang of swinging before Noah.
They all have their own special talents!

Joshua said...

i still want to know what they have in common???? you didnt answer the original question you asked....FOCUS!!!!