December 13, 2008

Makes a Teacher Proud

This picture is not very clear but the message is to both Tesa and Me.

This is the wall of distinction at Benson High School. The list of 2008 seniors includes TWO students that we taught at Central Christian schools about 7,8 & 9 years ago, Le Drake and Sam Drake. To have a hand in the education of a student that exceeded gives a satisfaction to a teacher that is hard to describe. Both of these children were adopted from Asia when they were young and their parents worked very hard to bring them up in the way that they should go.
I know that it was Le and Sam's hard work and their parents diligence of bringing up their children, but it is nice to know we had a part in their education.
There is much reward in teaching, sometimes it is never seen but when it is, the satisfaction is more than money will ever purchase.
Thanks Le and Sam, we are PROUD of you.

P.S. I would have never seen this except for being called into substitute teaching. Which I am enjoying very much.


Linda Goossen said...

And we are so very proud of you! We are so happy that you are so happy being back in the educational field!

loavesandfishes said...

I didnt' know that both of you taught. What a great thing to see two of your students excelling.