October 31, 2008

Substitute teaching????

Today,I am at Bryan High School, one of the largest schools in Nebraska. Today I am enjoying it but am wondering why I am here. Today happens to be Senior sneak day (not much of a sneak when the teacher whom I am subbing for typed it up in her notes to me). I happen to be teaching Senior English. I had a total of four students in the first period, planning time for the second period and three students for the third period. I wonder how many students there will be that actually show up for the fourth and final period of the day. If there happens to be seven in the last period, which I highly doubt, Omaha Public Schools will have paid me Ten dollars for each student that with which I will have interacted. That is really good pay. But so be it.


Linda Goossen said...

I'm glad you are teaching! Just think, you are also getting paid to do it! Yea!!!!

Tesa said...

your work has yet to be work.

loavesandfishes said...

I'm praying you will be Gabi's 3rd Grade teacher.