October 9, 2008

Hired with no jobs yet

Yes, I have been hired but no jobs yet. Today Omaha Public Schools hired me as a Substitute Teacher for their school district but I need to wait until I have a employee I.D. and a "Sub-Finder" number. That should take a week or so. But hey! At least there is a prospect ahead!!!!!!


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loavesandfishes said...

Hi Phil!

I don't know what grades you are interested in teaching, but, if it's elementary then you might want to try to get into Crestridge Elementary. We enrolled Gabi in 2nd grade there this year. We were nervous...we had been at OCA so switching to public was very scary. (OCA raised tuition, and moved the school.) We LOVE Crestridge so far. They have a strong partnership with Christ Community. Several teachers attend there. They even do a school project for a missions team in Mali. And, there is a big sign in the hallway that says they are praying for you. This is in the school!

We are taking this school thing year by year. Unless junior high looks bright we plan to homeschool for junior high. But, currently we like Crestridge. We like it much much more than OCA. Go figure.

Good luck and we are going to start praying to see you at Crestridge!!

Katherine Dyche