July 6, 2007

Making Friends

I have a software program that loads motivational quotes for the day, and helpful hints for the software. It should do the dishes for as much as I paid for it!
The quote for the day was from Abraham Lincoln, "Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?"
Profound yet simple. However I have a problem making friends with myself lately. I feel as if I am sabatoging my work, my health, my spiritual life, and even sometimes my family. Not in a drastic way but in little things that I do. Not answer the phone, not read my Bible (work on suduku instead) sleep instead of biking, forgetting to do paperwork or just not doing it on time. I just need a swift kick in the pants sometimes.

I should make friends of my paperwork, my phone, my family, and especially my BIBLE, that is what God would want us to read instead of doing suduku.


Joshua Goossen said...

I'll give you a swift kick in the pants.

Linda Goossen said...

Talk about my spelling! Payed? How about paid? That is what I need! To be paid, for something, for anything!

You know, it is your fault we are doing the puzzles too! That is ok, because we love you!

Phil said...

Thanks for your spell check mom.

Just think that Tesa and I played Scrabble last night. That is your fault.

Love you too.